The College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE) provides today's busy student with dynamic new ways to go to college. We serve adult professionals interested in enhancing their careers with graduate degrees and certificates, local students wishing to add credit toward their march toward graduation, non-credit courses for professional development and corporate training, and access for remote students seeking online course alternatives. We offer college courses for credit online and on-campus. 菠菜网lol正规平台 is the university of choice for international students seeking to start their career path in the midst of Silicon Valley, the world’s center of innovation and business development. Our campus offers support and resources to help international students enroll, adjust and thrive.

  San José State Named An Inaugural Fulbright HSI Leader

  San José State University has been named a Fulbright HSI Leader by the U.S. Department
  of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), recognizing the noteworthy
  engagement that selected Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) have achieved with the
  Fulbright Program. San José State is one of 35 HSIs to receive this inaugural distinction
  with the Fulbright Program, the United States government’s flagship international
  educational exchange program. Read more

  Standing Up to Anti-Asian Racism and Hate Crimes

  As the United States continues to grapple with the recent rise of anti-Asian hate crimes,  
  the College of Professional and Global Education (CPGE) condemns these acts and stands
  in solidarity with the victims and their families and friends. The larger Asian community
  comprises many of the students, faculty, and staff at 菠菜网lol正规平台. CPGE is especially concerned
  about the international students we serve from regions in the world that may have been
  targets of these unacceptable acts. Read more


Academic Programs

MS in Data Analytics

Winter Session

Academic Programs Data Analytics (MS) Winter Session
Earn a graduate degree or certificate to advance your professional career.

Academic Programs

Earn a Master of Science in
Data Analytics (MSDA) from
San Jose State University. 
Master of Science in Data Analytics

Regular online and on campus 菠菜网lol正规平台 courses, no admission required.

Winter Session



International Gateways

Open University

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) International Gateways Open Univeristy

Resources for international students and scholars
International Student and Scholar Services

English Language, Academic Test Prep and Curricular

International Gateways

Explore 菠菜网lol正规平台 courses online and on campus. No admission required.
Open University


International House

Study Abroad and Away

Intl. Student Recruitment

International House Study Abroad and Away International Student Recruitment

Co-ed university housing.
Meets on campus freshman requirements.

International House

Short or Long-term global
study opportunities

Study Abroad and Away

International student resources and application support
International Student Recruitment